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18 July 2017


At Oliver James, we don’t settle for second best: we look for people who embody the OJ DNA. To succeed here, you need to be competitive, urgent, influential, positive, impactful and informed, with the go-getting attitude that sets OJ recruiters apart from the rest. It’s essential you showcase these six key traits that signify the Oliver James DNA…


You’re ambitious, with the desire to win and an appetite for smashing targets.


You have energy, and the unsinkable drive to do well from day one.


You’ll be confident selling consultatively and negotiating through strong relationships.


You’re a fun-loving spirit with a natural passion and enthusiasm for the job.


Your credibility in the market knows no bounds – and neither does your best-in-class advice.


You are inspired by knowledge, self-improvement and understanding of the market.

These six values will underpin your journey at the business, so they need to be inherent and continuously present in your mentality. They also form the foundation of appraisals and promotions, ensuring success comes to the people who truly exemplify what makes Oliver James special.

To learn more about the OJ DNA, contact Hannah Villa-March on +44 (0) 161 694 0827 or

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