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We understand that a business is only as good as its people, so when identifying the right person for a permanent appointment, our service propositions go far beyond the initial matching of the skills and immediate needs of both your business and those candidates who may be relevant.

Sole Agency

The closest service to an end-to-end executive search process but with reduced time-to-hire and no financial risk.

· Committing to working with your consultant exclusively means your assignment is prioritised above any contingency searches and success rate grows to 97%.
· Controlled message to the market, providing peace of mind, protecting your brand equity and ensuring discretion when necessary.
· Consistent interviewing, referencing and selection process.
· Full visibility of the market when required and faster shortlist delivery when compared with a typical executive search service.
· No initial financial outlay, with payment made on successful completion of the assignment.

Contingent Search   

Fast access to all active candidates known to us, as well as any relevant passive candidates that we have developed relationships with through our ongoing proactive networking.

Our contract business provides access to an unrivalled network of highly-qualified local and internationally mobile contractors; a network that has been developed since 2002.

We build trusted partnerships with our contractors over time and multiple assignments, encouraging loyalty by offering a wide range of opportunities that facilitate their career aspirations; our approach typically sees our contractor's assignments extended.

Our clients and contractors are supported by our Global Operations division, including a dedicated compliance and contractor care team which focusses exclusively on ensuring that our contractors are compliant and receive all the support they need.

You can expect

· Structured end-to-end governance.
· Talent pipelining.
· Local employment licensing.
· Comprehensive insurance coverage.

Our OJ Professionals team provides flexible solutions, taking on secondment, project-based sourcing and temp-to-perm recruitment across Finance, Audit, Change Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Commercial Banking, Insurance and IT Infrastructure.

From graduate level through to senior management, our broad network of talent ensures that client requirements are fulfilled. Each candidate benefits from training, tailored coaching plans and performance guidance; they can expect consistent development within their fields of expertise.

We currently offer these services across the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

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We offer scalable, end-to-end consulting solutions and robust frameworks ourselves and through our strategic partnerships with local boutique consultancies. We have an extensive global associate network which includes former strategists from the world’s leading consulting firms.

Our Consulting Solutions are underpinned by our core service:

Speed of implementation
We mobilise rapidly, releasing the burden on existing teams and executives to implement solutions efficiently.

Specialist, high-quality service
We supply subject matter experts to help with a variety of requirements, providing you with a solution focused on delivering the correct outcome while improving existing ways of working.

Flexible solutions
We understand that priorities or direction can change; we have the experience to manage this. All of our consultants have the experience to manage and react positively to evolving projects and maintain delivery in parallel to any revised circumstances.

We would be happy to discuss examples of successfully delivering large complex projects and single workstream implementations.

Our global OJ Executive team specialises in C-suite appointments and technical positions at executive level across all functions of (re)insurance and financial services businesses. Based across the UK, mainland Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, the team focuses on developing long-term relationships with a diverse network of current and future leaders.

We engage with senior talent in focused fields every day, using our 15+ years of experience, comprehensive market maps, data and relationships to source talent. While traditional search firms will normally start each mandate with a blank canvas, the candidates we target for senior appointments have often been known to us for many years before they reached management level.

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Within the Oliver James Group is Avencia, our specialist talent outsourcing solutions provider to the Specialty Insurance and Reinsurance market, supporting businesses through:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Complementing existing HR and Talent Acquisition functions through providing strategic permanent recruitment outsourcing services. These include pop-up project based RPO, enterprise RPO and plug-in RPO for large in-house Talent Acquisition teams.

Managed Service Programme (MSP)
Partnering with Procurement and HR to provide visibility, governance and management of the services procurement workforce; driving increased ROI

Technology Solutions
Providing cloud-based talent acquisition technology solutions enabling HR and talent acquisition to automate processes, reduce administrative burden, enhance candidate and manager UX and leverage data insights.

Talent Consultancy
Strategic advice and practical solutions to enable delivery of your talent goals in talent acquisition process excellence, diversity & inclusion, leadership development, talent mapping, psychometrics and recruitment training.

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OJ Ability is the Oliver James Group’s recruitment non-profit dedicated to supporting the career development of those living with a disability. By combining our recruitment experience with the expertise of our disability charity partners, we provide an industry-leading service tailored to the requirements of our candidates as well as working with organisations to develop their disability inclusion programs.

For those looking to recruit, not only do we help you to achieve your disability inclusion ambitions, we significantly extend your talent pool by including the OJ Ability network of prospective employees.

Working with you every step of the way; we match your business needs to the relevant skill-sets and assist you and your teams on all the questions and perceived obstacles around disability recruitment and onboarding.

Our recruiters, themselves all living with a disability, have curated a talent acquisition methodology that significantly improves the journey for candidates and employers, resulting in a significantly higher success rate for our candidates.

For more information on OJ Ability, click here to contact a member of the team directly.

We are Oliver James

We introduce talented people to great organisations so that both may grow and benefit from each other's experiences, helping to fulfil their potential.

We understand that each client's mix of people, culture and objectives is unique, so our approach and solutions are flexible and adapted to each person, team, company and situation.

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We bring people together

Although your relationship with OJ is with your local consultant(s); their network, relationships and knowledge of diverse local candidate pools are backed by those of their local permanent, contract and temp team colleagues. Where international networks need to be tapped into, our whole business is designed around the capability to access the market maps and relationships of the global OJ collective.

As well as giving you access to the best suited talent in the market (not just the best talent available at that time), it means you can come to expect a consistently high level of service and delivery, placing up to C-suite talent in permanent and contract positions, as well as project-based consultancy and temp solutions worldwide from our 12 global locations.

What drives us

Our purpose, mission and vision define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. They guide us in everything that we do, the decisions we make and activity we undertake in order to support our people.

Making people feel they matter above all else, accelerating careers, choices and prosperity.

Relentlessly committed to elevating relationships, experiences and results.

People wanting to work together to fulfil each other’s potential.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is designed to select, support and progress everyone through their journey with us, whether an employee, a candidate or a client; as well as ensuring that our purpose continues to be relevant as we progress towards our vision. Demanding a daily commitment from us, we aspire to improve together by focussing on achieving the perfect balance in approach between what we do and how we do it.

  • Leading by Example

    We understand that standards start with ourselves. We set the pace with our hard work, dependability and appetite for learning. We are open and confident in being our authentic selves.

  • Building others

    We know that success involves understanding and enabling
    people’s goals, instilling belief and inspiring the drive to do the basics, most often and to the best of their ability.

  • Listening first

    We aim to understand before making decisions or giving
    advice. Through great questioning, coaching and genuine interest in different points of view, we create positive outcomes and drive consistent progress.

  • Demonstrating flexibility

    By understanding that unique people, situations and challenges require different approaches we can adapt the way we support people and thrive when ambiguous situations occur.

  • Responsibility for the journey

    We strive for everyone to have both the authority and positive accountability that enables them to be fully responsible for their own journey.

  • Dedication to shared success

    With a culture of appreciating the journey and celebrating
    success, we aim to fulfil personal experiences and shared visions.

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We are Oliver James

We received an average rating of 9.1 from feedback by our clients and candidates.