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OJ Fest 2015

15 January 2016


Summer has arrived! Here at OJ, we were fortunate enough to be rewarded with some well-deserved sun, relaxation and competitive team building activities in the Malvern hills last weekend. The impressive Eastnor Castle became home to Oliver James Associates and ‘OJ Fest’ for two fun-filled days. 

Aside from being dressed as Owls, Eagles, Hogs, Bears, Goats (the list goes on) for our team building adventures, we were also treated to a motivational speech from the legendary sporting hero, James Cracknell. James inspired us to test our limits, forge our own career paths through sheer drive and determination, be leaders, encourage each other and above all, to achieve our absolute best. Feeling motivated, inspired and on top of the world (obviously), ‘OJ Fest’ began! 

We participated in a select number of gruelling and somewhat taxing activities to test our limits and map reading skills...The result? Owls took home the title! Needless to say, the OJ team was destined for some much needed ‘down time’ post activities. We enjoyed an afternoon and evening of wonderful food, drinks, bands, henna tattoo artists, fire-eaters, face painters and DJ. Now it’s back to the OJ Headquarters to put James Cracknell’s speech into motion!

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