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Why you should use recruitment consultants when searching for senior level career opportunities

14 January 2016


We’re pleased to have Toby Weston, Manager for Oliver James Associates Asia Pacific, as today’s guest blogger.

Essentially, recruitment consultants are influential ambassadors for the organisations they’re hiring on behalf of. They take the time to understand the company ethos and culture alongside the corporate wheel, growth structure and leadership qualities needed for different firms. In fact, recruiters hold the key to the world’s highest paid management jobs and control access to them.

If you’re looking for a senior level position, read our 4 reasons on why using a recruitment professional will get you miles ahead of the business game…

1. Identification of the best roles: Executive recruiters network their way to knowing their markets, understanding their candidates and identifying the most promising talent. It’s their opinion, judgement and connections that can introduce you to some of the world’s best senior level jobs. At Oliver James Associates, we are experts in our vertical markets and are the first to know about confidential and strategically important roles. For senior level roles, employers will often not advertise directly and will only use recruiters, trusting their judgement to find the right candidate. 

2. Long-term thinking: Senior level roles are rare. Recruitment consultants can keep you aware of ideal roles even when you’re not looking. Recruiters make it their business to understand your needs and the needs of the business they’re recruiting for. This means that they can find you a role and company that’s a good cultural-fit and provides opportunities that best match your career aspirations, long-term. Our consultants are fully immersed in the markets they’re recruiting for, which means they have an in-depth knowledge of the companies and roles that will best suit your needs. Without the recruitment expertise, you may miss out on unique opportunities to advance your career. 

3. Consultative: Recruiters work with both clients and candidates, meaning they spend time building relationships, remaining objective and providing a consultative approach. We are committed to investing in our relationships with candidates, discussing and clarifying any questions and concerns that you may have. We also invest in prepping you on the interview side, expected questions and who you’ll be meeting. 

4. Follow up: Recruiters care about how you’re getting on in your new role. They are engaged and interested in how your career is progressing and your experiences in your new company. This means if you are looking to progress yet again in a year or so, you’ll already have a great relationship with the recruiter. At Oliver James, our extended contact and follow up is part of our personal approach; we care about strengthening our existing relationship with you. In terms of the interview process, we’ll ensure we chase feedback, drive offers and manage negotiations. 

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