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Top 5 Tips for Strategic Career Management

05 April 2016


Could your career development and management use a little help? It’s all too easy to push your professional development to the bottom of the priority list when numerous projects are calling your name, you’re in back-to-back meetings and your to do list already screams unmanageable. It’s fact that the most successful people are those who proactively determine exactly what they want from their career. So make time to shape your professional goals and aspirations by reading our top 5 tips for strategic career management…

1. Career Development Plan

You can’t move forwards without creating this. You need to proactively engage your manager in a discussion about your career goals and opportunities within the organisation and work together on creating a personalised career development plan. This shows you’re exerting influence and authority and making a conscious effort to strategically work towards that next professional step. Time to book that meeting in…

2. Immerse yourself in your industry

Whichever sector you operate in, take the time to educate yourself on current topics, in-demand skill sets and skill shortages, technological advancements, incoming legislation, sector-specific media. Use social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to identify particular trends and opportunities in your industry and take the time to network with influential, well-informed people in your sector. This will help you to constantly add value to your organisation, think differently and adopt an innovative approach to projects and business situations. It’s crucial to develop interim career plans to achieve your long-term career goals and you’ll only do this by understanding your industry, fully.

3. Never stop learning

Why not consult your organisation’s HR department and ask about external professional training courses, in-house training courses and/or potential job openings? Be proactive and seek out professional development opportunities in areas where you feel that extra help could be useful. If you commit to developing your skills, you’ll undoubtedly improve your professional development alongside boosting your own sense of achievement.

4. Challenge yourself

One of the best ways to advance your career is to identify a potential problem and offer a solution. So now’s the time to seek out a solution to that business problem and put your proposal forward to the board. You’ll increase your visibility in the organisation, expand your skill sets and ultimately, challenge yourself. Why not volunteer to manage challenging projects and assignments? Not only will senior figure heads in the business be impressed, you'll also enhance your skill sets. 

5. Seek out a mentor

Senior professionals who inspire you can help you on your journey and actually be an invaluable tool in your strategic career management. Start by identifying professionals that you admire in or outside of your organisation; ask them for guidance and try to replicate their business behaviours in your approach to projects and meetings. Voice your ambition, ask them questions and seek their advice about developing your career; they will probably suggest business development opportunities that you may not have thought of.

Dedicating time to development in your career will maximise your professional opportunities. Utilising these 5 strategic career management tips will help you on your journey to success; it’ll take perseverance, planning and consistent review but will be worth it in the long run. Are you ready to take control of your career?

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