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5 reasons why: you should work in Hong Kong

04 May 2016

by Jessica Williams

If you’re considering a move to Hong Kong, take the leap! With Oliver James Associates, you will have access to a prosperous business world and a competitive job market.

For decades, working and living in Hong Kong has been attractive amongst those seeking new challenges overseas. The cityscape is mesmerising in itself; the stunning backdrop of skyscrapers combined with rustic buildings of the 1960s give Hong Kong its unique and fascinating character.

Since the start of its economic boom in the 1960s, the smallest of the “Asian Tigers” has not only been a destination point for foreign investments, it has also attracted a multitude of international professionals. Hong Kong’s location, free port status, well-developed infrastructure and low taxation has contributed to its status as a leading regional investment hub and financial centre.

If you’re still unsure about whether to make the move, read our 5 reasons why you should…

1. Career prospects

Hong Kong is the gateway to China. It’s the financial centre and business hub of the country; a super connector for global businesses interested in trading with China. Not only does Hong Kong present a wealth of opportunity, it also offers an exceptional lifestyle and extraordinary career progression. Career prospects (coupled with pay) continue to be the top two engagement drivers in Asia Pacific. The opportunity to advance your career is much greater in Asia compared to other parts of the world. For example, within the legal sector, the average age of a partner is four years younger than those in London. Hong Kong businesses in particular also tend to have a flexible, yet clearly defined career path for employees. There are also greater opportunities for short-term assignments and potential future geographic transfers. If you’re ambitious, competitive and hard-working, Hong Kong could be the city for you.

2. Earning potential

In September 2015, HSBC reported that expats in Hong Kong  not only have the best career progression but also the greatest earning potential with 30 per cent earning more than USD200, 000 per annum compared with 13 per cent of expats globally. Hong Kong is a strong economic destination and particularly popular for those working in Financial Services. The average earning for expats in Hong Kong is USD176, 000 per annum, around USD70, 000 more than the global average!

3. Convenience

Hong Kong has an extremely modern and functional transport system. Fancy jet setting to Vietnam in just an hour and a half for a long weekend away? From the international airport you can catch a flight to a multitude of destinations in a short amount of time. There is a massive subway system and taxis are relatively cheap. Wherever you need to go at whatever time of day, you’ll never be stuck for options with Hong Kong’s efficient transport network. Alongside this, the convenience of being able to get whatever you want whenever you want in such a dynamic, 24/7 city is a massive plus point. You can also get a variety of food delivered at all hours of the day, on demand. Bonus!

4. Networking opportunities

If you’re a professional living and working in Hong Kong, then you will probably spend much of your time networking. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to get new business, discover potential opportunities and develop lasting professional and personal relationships with like-minded individuals. What’s more, the great exposure to the c-suite professional is one of the great benefits to business in Hong Kong; the expat communities in Asia have a much closer bond of business leaders so meeting key decision makers and potential clients is a given.

5. Quality of life

The weather, culture, nightlife and distance from beaches/mountainous regions are just a few of the reasons why the quality of life in Hong Kong surpasses other cities. Hong Kong’s subtropical climate can be a massive attraction to those moving from colder lands! From October to March it’s dry season, whilst April to September is scorching hot. The nightlife in Hong Kong is thriving, especially in LKF, one of the bar districts. If you’re missing home, the large British influence within the city means there are multiple English pubs and western style clubs that will provide a little home comfort. Perhaps the best aspect of Hong Kong is that in 15 minutes you’re out of the city and lying on a tropical beach or walking in beautiful mountains…heaven!

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