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Moving on up: 5 top tips on asking for a promotion

05 August 2016


It’s Monday.

You’re enthusiastic about the long, torturous week ahead, excited to tackle those mundane, lightweight projects and ecstatic about the one hour meeting you have with your manager over a bitter filter coffee…

If you’ve lost motivation in your current role, feel you deserve greater responsibility and are worried that your career is at a stand-still, then it’s time to step up or step out. You’re an experienced professional, highly skilled, an asset to your department, a great team player - right? Demanding you get a promotion in a fit of rage during your one hour meeting with your boss is a no-go.

So how do you actually prepare to chat to your manager about wanting greater responsibility and a step up in your team? Read our 5 top tips…

1. Work out what you actually want

Try to envisage applying for another job. What would it be? How does the title and its associated responsibilities differ from your current role? What would your objectives be? Think about these points logically, make notes and you’ve formed the foundation of your discussion.

2. Think about the benefits to the business

Why should your manager promote you? What have you achieved in your current role that proves you go beyond your objectives? How would your new responsibilities fit with the wider business? Make sure you understand why a change in your role would be highly beneficial to your manager, team, department and company. Then communicate this accordingly.

3. Capitalise on your strengths

Look, we all know you think you’re great at your job but why are you are better than Joe Bloggs for that extra responsibility? How would you approach a step up differently? What are your strengths? Think about your weaknesses too and start to proactively address them. Don’t whinge about what you can’t do; address it, tackle it and change it.

4. Book a meeting in

Time to book the dreaded meeting in with either your boss or the HR department. Don’t panic. This contact signals formality rather than a casual chat over a cuppa. Don’t approach the meeting in a negative manner and keep the discussion open. Remain positive and try to steer clear of even mentioning ‘promotion’ or ‘raise’. Focus on what you’ve achieved and how you’re ready to step up and manage greater responsibilities. Use steps 1, 2 and 3 as the basis for your ‘chat’ and remember to remain both optimistic and patient.

5. Lights, camera, action

Set deadlines for action today. If you’ve not received the result you hoped for, think about ways to move forward – don’t be demotivated. If you have indeed received a new role with greater responsibility then be enthusiastic and plan how you’re going to get started. It’s your career so grasp opportunity with both hands and make the most of moving forward. You deserve it.

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