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Quick Tips 003: InMail

27 February 2017


LinkedIn email, or InMail, is a great tool for job hunting, placing you in a professional context and helping you form long-standing career connections. Of course, before you approach someone using this mode of communication, there are a few things to consider…

1. Is your profile in good shape?

An accurate, well-written page with endorsements and recommendations will greatly enhance your prospect of success, since it adds validity to the message. After all, what you’ve done and what you say you’ve done have to sync up. Credibility is everything in this arena.

2. Have you read their LinkedIn?

This is a good test of your attention to detail. See if you have the right person, and whether you share common links or experience. Then, reference these briefly to further legitimise your actions – it’ll create a sense of familiarity and encourage the recipient to take your InMail seriously.

3. Is your proposition attractive?

Are you showing how you can be an asset? If not, start over. Be clear and concise in your communications; the addressee needs to see value quickly if you’re to be worth further attention. Conclude by asking for their availability to chat – it’s far stronger than ‘hope to hear from you.’

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