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Struggling to Hire Local Tech Talent in Hong Kong? Here’s Why

08 March 2017


If, like us, you keep your ear to the ground on Hong Kong tech trends, you’re bound to have noticed a disconnect between home-grown talent and home-grown business. We believe the issue stems from four factors, causing problems for candidates and companies alike…

The first factor is the imbalance between supply and demand. In a market constantly looking for high-calibre talent, poor online visibility is seriously halting progress. Many tech professionals don’t have LinkedIn, and those that do provide very little in the way of career history. It’s easy to miss quality candidates without this essential form of contact, therefore creating an environment where demand often outstrips supply.

Secondly, many businesses need specific technologies to remain competitive, but this process requires specialism in certain stacks. Such companies tend to prefer candidates who can utilise the technology immediately rather than lower-level candidates with future potential. Failure to nurture upcoming talent means the sourcing process often heads to more established overseas markets.

The third issue lies with local candidates that are suitable for the roles at hand. Where companies call for junior experience, newly qualified tech professionals aren’t taking the bait. This is due to high expectations after years in the education system, with the gap between opportunity and remuneration deemed too wide by Hong Kong candidates. A lack of buy-in early on leads, once again, to the use of international workers.

However, Hong Kong’s reputation for ineffectual staffing is perhaps the most prominent reason why local talent isn’t being harnessed. The complexities of attracting and offering in tech need to be handled by experienced recruiters who know how to sell the role, culture and benefits. Whether it’s failing to negotiate counter offers or neglecting to follow the advice of recruitment agencies, companies that try to engage talent on their own are often unsuccessful.

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