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Three Retention-Boosting Strategies For Happier Developers

28 April 2017


Tech is known for being a mobilized market – but not always to the benefit of your business. In a field that traditionally struggles with retention, talent moves quickly if it isn’t engaged, and it’s your job to provide a compelling reason to stay. Developers have some of the highest attrition rates in the industry, typically spending 3-9 months in a contract role and 1-2 years in a permanent position. So, how can you hold on to yours?

It starts with the interview process. This is where you lay the foundations, explaining the position and setting expectations for the candidate. Honesty is key, because if you misrepresent the role, you risk turning a motivated employee into a disengaged employee. Combat this by clarifying their experience, discussing their prospects and above all, being truthful about their duties. This will leave the applicant in no doubt about their future, and whether they see it at your company.  

You can also aid retention by creating a fantastic package. Find out what matters to your developers and tailor an offer to suit. This can include bonuses, incentives and flexibility – from the occasional day working at home to allowing them to listen to music in the office. People stay at companies where they feel valued; this is your first opportunity to demonstrate that.

The systems you use are another area essential to developer happiness. Outdated software or programming languages are big red flags, not least because they put your recruits behind the competition before they’ve even begun. You may not require the very latest frameworks, but the drive to adopt new technologies will show candidates that you know what’s going on in the market.

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