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Does Teamwork Really Make the Dream Work?

22 May 2017


Steve Jobs… Vince Lombardi… Michelle Obama… behind every great mind stands a team of people that facilitate their work. Without one, you can’t have the other, and without collaboration, far less is achieved.

In a commercial context, operating within teams enables you to handle a wider range of projects, with each individual overseeing an aspect specific to their strengths. On top of diversifying the workload, this distribution of duties allows team members to encounter different skill sets and methodologies. Broaden the scope in this way, and you elevate the employee experience from humdrum to inspired.

Teamwork also helps to enhance communication skills and the ability to compromise. When people work alone, their frame of reference becomes very narrow; there’s really nobody to discuss projects with other than their immediate superior – not only an isolating set-up, but one that means they have fewer opportunities to learn. Within a team, various ideas and opinions come into play, and when properly expressed, they translate into stronger results.

Above all, working in a team provides a solid support structure should things ever go wrong. It can be difficult to face criticism without the backing of peers, especially when an error didn’t arise through your doing. Or, if you did make a mistake, having a team by your side will ensure the issue is corrected quickly and without judgement.

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