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Corporate or Start-Up? The Definitive Guide to Your Tech Career

22 June 2017


Whether you’re a tech graduate or a seasoned developer, choosing the right company is a crucial part of climbing the career ladder.

It could be an edgy new business, offering a world of possibility and innovation, or a stable blue-chip with money in the bank. Either way there are positives and negatives that need to be considered alongside your goals, preferences and future. Here’s our breakdown of the pros and cons to both start-ups and corporates…



  • Stability and reputation in the market
  • Excellent remuneration
  • Clear career path
  • Waterfall management, with an obvious hierarchy
  • Global expansion and growth
  • Opportunities for international mobility
  • No glass ceiling to limit progression


  • Type-casted for future career moves
  • Legacy software in place equals older tech/programming languages
  • No strategic impact to product or company
  • Hard requirements to break in
  • Can feel like a small cog in a large machine
  • Less autonomy and control over processes



  • Flexible hours and remote work
  • More variety in duties
  • Exposure and impact across business
  • AGILE methodologies are embraced
  • Usually come with stock options
  • Cutting-edge tech often implemented
  • Strategic impact


  • Smaller profile in the market
  • Instability
  • Potential for lack of clear hierarchy
  • Risk vs. reward needs to be weighed
  • Glass ceiling – less career progression or clarity

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