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Five Ways to Make Yourself Indispensably Employable

12 June 2017


Job hunting is tough. You can be right for a role and not hear anything back. You can get to interview stage and still miss out. You can face so much competition that decisions come down to the smallest detail. The solution is to become indispensably employable, and there are five ways you can do it:

1. Go deep with your research

It’s good to know how a company operates today, but what about their plans for tomorrow? Find information indicative of their future strategies and projected growth, and consider how you can contribute to their success. Any candidate worth their salt knows how to do due diligence – do it better.

2. Ask and engage

Many underestimate the power of phatic speech. Depending on the formality of the interview, try to treat it more like a conversation between equals than between boss and candidate. Mixing in non-career-based talk will automatically put you on their wavelength, avoiding obvious interview structures and helping to break the ice.

3. Brush up on software

A new job means new technology, so make sure you have a solid grounding in the software relevant to your discipline. From CRM databases and prospecting tools to creative suites and design packages, staying up to date with the appropriate systems means less time required on training – an attractive sell for any hiring manager.

4. Reach out to your contact before and after

Approach the interviewer to say you’re looking forward to meeting them, and thank them for their time afterwards. This will enhance your memorability, and ensure they see you as a proactive, positive person, which is especially good if you interviewed for a client-facing role. Simple action, big impact.

5. Upskill yourself

CPD is a huge part of most modern workplaces, so demonstrate an eagerness for learning by taking a course, working freelance or getting involved in charity. Your commitment to self-development will demonstrate that you’re a well-rounded person with integrity and professional nous.

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