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Three Things Nobody Tells You About Building a Remote Team

05 June 2017


As times change, so too does opinion on the impact and effectiveness of remote teams. From a much-misunderstood resource to a staple of today’s business community, the remote team is now a high-functioning aspect of most global operations. By helping to build many of these units over the years, we have noted that there are three key factors in the successful creation and management of remote teams…

1. Hiring choices

It can be tricky to retain staff that aren’t in the thick of things, so you need to employ people who are fully engaged with your brand and culture. Look for proactive, positive individuals who make it their business to stay informed with the company’s day-to-day affairs.     

2. Technology

87% of remote employees feel more connected when videoconferencing is utilised. Consider implementing these systems, which not only enable you to check progress in real-time with the whole team, but provide the human touch often forgotten when managing remote staff.   

3. Company strategy

The output of your remote team means nothing if it’s not being channelled into a common goal. Communicating the organisation’s strategies encourages continued productivity in achieving these goals, as well as stopping an “us and them” mentality from forming.

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