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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Relocate to Dublin

13 June 2017


A fast-growing commercial haven, Dublin is becoming a major contender in the European arena.

We should know – we’ve been working the market for years now, so it’s only right we extol the virtues of this fantastic city, home to businesses of all sizes and sectors…

As Ireland’s capital city, it’s no surprise that Dublin is a rich tapestry of art, history and culture. The home of James Joyce, U2 and Francis Bacon, its references in music and literature make for great creative inspiration, while the spirited nightlife ensures there’s plenty of ‘craic’ to be had. Right now, 55% of the population is aged between 25 and 40, so bars and restaurants are always full, nightclubs heaving, and weekends buzzing. Dublin itself has the best work-life balance of any country in the world, and there is always something to do after the daily grind – from squash and tag rugby to football, camera club or simply popping out for a Guinness.

Don’t mistake Dublin as being all about fun though; this is a place where you can do serious business. Within the last few years, an influx of American tech and FS companies have brought hundreds of billions of dollars to its export market. The appeal for international investors lies in favourable tax rates and links to the continent, as Ireland is the only English-speaking nation left in the EU. In terms of the recruitment industry, there are few agencies based in Dublin, many without a wealth of experience or staff, so the market is relatively untapped and the earning potential huge. A setting like this can only mean good things for your future.

See yourself moving to the Emerald Isle? Oliver James is looking for talented recruitment consultants to join our new Dublin office. Contact Hannah Villa-March on, or +44 (0) 161 694 0827 for more details.

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