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Quick Tips 006: Making a Great First Impression

03 July 2017


Forget experience, presentations and cultural fit… sometimes, the only thing standing between you and interview success is you. Those initial moments meeting someone will determine how the rest of the interview goes, so here’s how you can make a positive impact once you’re in the door.

  • Be presentable

As much as it has no bearing on ability, appearance forms the basis for many people’s opinions. Offset any unconscious bias by looking smart, however informal the setting. It’ll show that you take yourself – and consequently, your career – seriously.

  • Modulate your tone

Be passionate about your areas of expertise, earnest about things you need to learn, and enthusiastic about the company you’re there to join. No matter what the topic, there’s an appropriate tone of voice to take.

  • Know your CV

First interviews tend to focus on career history, so be ready to talk about that job from six years ago. The interviewer may have gone to your university, studied for the same professional qualifications or worked at a competitor; don’t waste this valuable rapport-building opportunity.

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