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Three Tips to Tackle Redundancy Head On

07 August 2017


Redundancy is part and parcel of professional life. Numerous highly qualified individuals experience redundancy, and, as a result, employers are becoming more attuned to the commercial contexts that precede it. Equally, online platforms like LinkedIn are providing a space where the subject can be discussed objectively, breaking down taboos when it comes to securing work after this type of unemployment. Recently been made redundant? Here are three ways you can get back on your feet…

- Determine your severance package

On top of the statutory redundancy pay you’re entitled to, your employer should create an attractive severance package for you. Gauging the numbers should be your first port of call, but remember to ask whether further support, such as CV assistance and career counselling, will be offered. You need to know the lay of the land so you can either accept or negotiate the terms.

- Prepare for the job hunt

Take some time to think about where you see yourself going and what you want from your new role – and consult an industry expert to help you answer those questions. You may also wish to create several versions of your CV, tailoring each one to a specific market, or enlist an interview coach who can fully ready you for the next steps. 

- Get back out there

Once you have a clearer picture of your future, call a recruitment agency to represent you. Exclusivity is key, ensuring they can pitch you as a unique opportunity in the market. Consider a niche agency like Oliver James if you have specialist experience, as a generalist won’t be able to cater for you. 

Oliver James Associates would be pleased to advise you on the next steps after redundancy. Contact us today for a confidential conversation.  

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