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Trends in Data and BI with Jan den Hartog

24 August 2017


Hailing from our Benelux office, Jan den Hartog manages our highly successful Data & Analytics desk. Jan focuses on BI and big data, two hot topics in the Netherlands, with more and more companies recognising the need for skilled data professionals across every facet of business. We spoke to Jan about his views on the sector’s recent activity, and how it is impacting our clients and candidates…

Jan, what trends are you seeing in this market?

We are experiencing a unique dynamic between structured and unstructured data within the larger organisations we serve, as well as the tooling that is being developed to retrieve the information our clients want. Databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2 and SQL server are combined with appliances and data lakes to get the insights from unstructured data, which is generally more complex and human-like in language. To that end, times are changing in the way businesses are approaching big data, regarding both the tooling they need and how they recruit data professionals within this new commercial context.

Another trend we have noticed lies in how companies are utilising analytics. Businesses are now able to effect change at an operational and strategic level, informing everything from BD and financial forecasts to 360 project management through their unstructured data remit.

Are hiring demands changing in the current climate?

Structured databases are becoming increasingly old-hat with the upcoming cloud revolution, and large financiers are now changing how they analyse and extrapolate data. Previously, project management, communications, IT and BI worked separately to assimilate business data, meaning it would take months to collate the relevant information for a project. Now, information is gathered via scrum teams, where all functions work on the same tasks to deliver projects in a matter of days rather than months. This has meant a shift in the requirements for data professionals, where multifaceted corporate acumen and managerial experience have become essential criteria in job descriptions.  

Why should businesses partner with Oliver James to recruit in the BI/big data space?

Companies should utilise Oliver James because we stay abreast of the latest tooling, proactively seeking education from top Data Scientists and BI Managers, and going out into the market to learn from vendors. Combined, these actions enable us to deliver the inside track, ensuring you can access the latest developments in data to bolster your proposition. This also gives credence to your reputation as an innovative employer, making you an easier sell to candidates.

Why should candidates look to OJ to help shape their career?

Oliver James considers your career in context, discussing your position relative to current opportunities, trends and competition in the market. We explore whether structured or unstructured data-led roles are more suited to your skill set, and match you with opportunities that aren’t openly available. Best of all, we can offer exclusive roles for some of the industry’s top names, so you have the chance to join a globally renowned business.

For further details on our roles – or if you have an opportunity you’d like to discuss in confidence – please contact Jan den Hartog on, or +31202900207.

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