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Why the Most Successful Developers Have a Recruiter On-Side

21 August 2017


Development is a complex market for candidates, where talented individuals miss out on roles because they don’t enlist the expertise of a recruiter. At OJ Tech, we support you throughout the hiring process, acting as your advisor and champion across all the aspects of recruitment you hadn’t considered…


How many times have you gone for an interview only to find out it’s a maintenance role? One of the main stumbling blocks for candidates who go it alone is the clarity of job descriptions on the open market. Often, in-house HR teams can’t be as technical as you need them to be, giving generalised information that clouds both the nature of the job and the skill set required. As we talk directly to hiring managers, we can ensure you’re only put forward for opportunities that are 100% relevant – saving you valuable time and energy.

Job matching

With so many project-based roles out there, it can be hard to decipher what opportunities best reflect your ambitions. Using a recruiter provides a far clearer and more personalised experience, because we can speak at length with you about languages, what you’d like from your next role and the kind of work environment you want. Plus, our experience in some of the more modern languages and frameworks, such as NodeJS, JavaScript, GoLang, AngularJS and ReactJS, means we can align you with appropriate challenges for your tech stack.


A great benefit to working with a recruiter is the help you get at negotiation stage. You may not feel comfortable when it comes to talking money, and that can have a serious impact on your agreed earnings. By consulting a recruiter, you’ll have an external advocate to conduct salary talks on your behalf, so there’s no awkward conversations about your worth. 


When people job hunt, they tend to focus on the role, the company, the pay, where it’s located and any other number of variables that may affect their application. What people don’t do is consider their own position in the mix. We draw on our knowledge of the sector to give an honest opinion about your standing – telling you who you’re up against, where you shine and what the average market rate is for your experience level.

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