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Women in Technology: The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur in Hong Kong

01 August 2017


Though customarily considered a male-dominated arena, the Asian tech market is taking big strides in the name of gender parity. This is thanks to an influx of women-owned start-ups, such as First Code Academy, Fresco Capital and Sassy Media Group, which are helping to mobilize long-term change within the sector. Together, they form an important part of Hong Kong’s ever-growing business community, one in which 45% of entrepreneurs are women – an 8% increase on the global average.

This dynamic has created a commercial environment where women can access new opportunities, take bigger chances and thrive in business. And, crucially, they’re doing so without any gender bias at play. Such entrepreneurs are also filling a gap in the market for strong female role models, addressing issues as varied as unequal pay and poor personal development by subverting the usual hierarchies at play.

But beyond the fact these businesses are opening, they’re opening doors for other aspiring women within the field. Today, prominent female talent represents fierce competition within the marketplace. Just recently, we had 24 candidates for a development role. 10 of those were women, as were six of the eight we advanced, demonstrating that even with one position, the balance in this region is experiencing a clear shift.

Women forging ahead in Hong Kong tech is also indicative of a broader global climate for balanced and responsible hiring. And this, coupled with improved skill sets and appetite for growth, is creating an inclusive marketplace for ambitious, career-driven women.

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