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Cyber Security and Big Data: What You Need to Know

07 September 2017


Cyber security has been a hot topic in the press recently, with events like WannaCry, Fireball, Cloudbleed and Wikileaks CIA Vault 7 demonstrating the threats posed to data on a global scale.

In response, we are seeing more and more companies recognise the importance of implementing policies that protect their critical information along the whole data lifecycle. 

As our commercial and technological worlds continue to merge, software, coding languages and other interfaces have been developing at a rate of knots. In turn, huge strides are being made in cyber, with frameworks like Splunk and Hadoop facilitating the analysis, interpretation and regulation of big data in this new corporate landscape. Elsewhere, third-party vendor platforms from AWS and Microsoft AZURE have taken on the cloud sphere. Their interfaces are allowing businesses – especially within the start-up market – to collate and harmonise data, presenting an effective but cost-efficient route to analytics. It is interesting to note the underlying influence of machine learning and AI across both of these trends, where intelligent tech enables companies to spot vulnerabilities, pre-empt strikes and, ultimately, keep their data where it needs to be.

So how is this shift in the market impacting recruitment? Put simply, it translates into huge demand for proficient cyber security professionals. Today’s businesses are seeking individuals with experience in the latest languages and platforms, as reflected by the Big Four’s demand for high headcounts of cyber security experts. Candidates should be fully versed in the Python and R languages being used to interpret data threats – or risk being left behind.

Cyber security is a particularly buoyant market for candidates, since it acts as a great stepping stone into the banking, FS and fintech spaces. These are highly advantageous environments for developers due to the sensitive nature of financial data and the potential consequences of breaches. We have noted many clients favouring developers with cyber security backgrounds, owing to their alternative perspectives on the analysis and protection of big data. 

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, it’s an exciting time to be part of the cyber security industry. For more information, contact our specialists, Michael Compton, on +852 3708 5564 or, or Neal Beets on +6569022791, or

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