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7 Intricacies of Hiring within the Hong Kong Market

03 October 2017


For any company, relocating overseas or opening international offices can be a daunting task – not least when it comes to talent acquisition. At OJ Tech, we have found several issues which are commonplace among our international clients when recruiting in Hong Kong. Here’s our rundown of the seven key concerns facing businesses that are new to this market…   

Sensitivity to the cultural context

Moving from Europe to the Asia-Pacific will obviously require you to make some cultural adjustments. While being mindful of traditional Asian business etiquette, you need to foster a balanced environment for all your employees, where the atmosphere is neither too local nor too international. This will ensure every member of the team feels welcome and valued.

Visas for international employees

To succeed overseas, you need a solid team in place first – and quite often, that comes from relocating those already established within your company. Of course, there are also visa requirements to consider, which can hold up the process without being handled correctly. We have intimate knowledge of the application process, and will be happy to assist you in any way.    

The skills conundrum

Measuring talent against the standards you hold at home can be problematic in Hong Kong. Be aware that your approach may have to acclimatise to the market depending on the positions you’re filling. In the same vein, we have found that many good candidates are rejected because their English isn’t up to par – a big mistake when you consider how much of the talent pool is made up of native speakers.     

No market benchmarking

With such high demand for talent, it’s essential your terms of employment are compelling. Customise your proposition to the current market conditions, especially concerning salaries and cost of living. It may be helpful to enlist the expertise of a recruitment agency, who will be able to carry out this benchmarking on your behalf.

Lack of network

When it comes to attracting talent in a new country, building up your network is everything. If you can’t get word out to the market, you’ll receive less applications for roles; fewer applications mean you aren’t projecting a decent brand image – and who wants to work for a business with no presence? Rather than struggling to implement a fix, let our industry professionals set the right tone from day one.    

Staff attrition

Stability is paramount for both your workforce and retention figures. Without a strong infrastructure, remuneration and benefits package in place, you risk alienating local and international employees alike. Take the time to understand how individuals in Hong Kong operate, as well as how you can provide something different from the norm. After all, it’s not just about finding the right people – it’s about keeping them.     

Perm vs. Contract

Permanent positions are more typical of the Hong Kong market, especially in technology-related fields. It may be wise to rethink your hiring strategy if you rely heavily on contractors, as permanent staff are often the best option outside of vendors. A specialist recruitment agency such as ourselves will be able to advise on sourcing talent within this space.   

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