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Top 5 Tips For A Career-Boosting LinkedIn Profile in 2018

19 February 2018

by Jessica Williams

LinkedIn’s many algorithms and functionalities are designed to facilitate careers. But for any system to work, it needs decent input, right?

While it’s true there are many examples of LinkedIn ‘best practice’, the platform is still rife with outdated modes of thought. The notion that generalised InMails are an effective way to win business, for one. Perhaps most concerning for our market is the belief that a LinkedIn page is simply an online version of your CV. That may have been true 10 years ago, but the platform has evolved, and so too must we. Here’s how you can enhance your LinkedIn experience in 2018…

1. Keep your job section brief and relevant

With a comprehensive work history comes the need to edit, since a full breakdown of your career can be hard to digest. Ask yourself objectively whether there’s value in noting jobs from more than 10 years ago. Keeping it select can even create more opportunities to discuss previous experience.

2. Make sure your key skills consider your next move

Listing your present attributes may be accurate, but it paints a very one-dimensional picture of you. Add in skills that you’re working on to provide an insight into what you plan on doing next. This demonstration of personal development will show both your current worth and future potential.  

3. Show a little pizazz

When all is said and done, people buy people. There’s plenty of time for serious industry comment, but your profile is a place where you can offer a sense of what makes you you. After all, nobody wants to hire someone without personality. Skills are uniform; character is unique.

4. Like, comment and share

So many users have a dormant presence on LinkedIn, building their network but never conversing with it. Post content that’s relevant to your specialism and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. It will add context to your profile and credence to your positioning as a subject matter expert.

5. Give and request recommendations

You might be someone’s COO, but on LinkedIn, you’re just one of millions of working professionals. No matter how high you climb, it’s important you verify your abilities in the job – and nothing says that like an impartial testimonial. Return the favour as a show of respect to your contacts.

Today, LinkedIn is a tool through which you can hone a personal brand, make connections and elevate your career. However, it should also be said that LinkedIn is only one piece of the puzzle – especially when it comes to securing new opportunities. A solid profile might attract the right recruiter, but to sustain their interest, you need to network offline too. Miss that step, and you extinguish the flame before it has chance to blaze.

To discuss more career-boosting insights, contact an Oliver James consultant today. 

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