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Under the Microscope: Security, Risk and Best Practice in FS

14 March 2018

by Jessica Williams

Next week, Oliver James Cyber will be hosting its first event of 2018 – ‘Culture and Leadership within Cyber Security and Technology Risk’.

Comprehensive understanding of cyber security is becoming a major priority for financial institutions, as demonstrated by the evolving recruitment agendas of banks and insurers nationwide. Businesses want to bring together their technical IT, security and risk professionals in one cohesive function. But how can they accomplish this? And what impact will their implementations have at cultural and leadership level?

On Thursday 22nd March, our distinguished guests and panelists will discuss three key topics: CISO organisation, business engagement and insider threat. We look forward to an illuminating examination of cyber best-practice, alongside questions of accountability, what constitutes an ‘insider’, and the dynamic between better training and better controls – not to mention how businesses can encourage proactive engagement from all employees.

It promises to be an evening of healthy debate, with attendees from the likes of Credit Suisse, Deloitte, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Flood Re and WR Berkley.

For further details on the event, including the agenda and location, please contact the Oliver James UK cyber team on

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