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5 Job Markets to Watch in Hong Kong

05 February 2019

by Megan Walsh

Technology in Hong Kong is having a moment, with demand for candidates at an all-time high. We catch up with Howard Kelly, Manager of OJ Tech in Hong Kong, as he shares his top five markets to watch out for in 2019.

If you would like to discuss your future in Hong Kong, contact Howard at, or call him directly on +852 3018 0393.

Cyber Security 

The top 1,000 companies in South East Asia will face a collective loss of US$750 billion to cyberattacks if they fail to invest in the proper security – placing the role of the cyber security professional firmly in the spotlight. In Hong Kong alone, a growing number of emerging companies offering solutions to sophisticated cybercrime is creating a fast-growing job market in which talented candidates are in high demand.

Virtual Banking

Virtual banks are growing at a rapid rate, with over 30 licences recently granted for organisations in Hong Kong - including Standard Chartered. This new means of banking raises the bar for FinTech - creating a level playing field for new banks to compete with traditional institutions. The shake-up is well on the way to revolutionising the banking world, creating a whole new talent pool as companies compete to inspire innovation within the industry.


Recent changes in regulation have shifted opinion on the growing infrastructure of blockchain and crypto currency. With Hong Kong positioning itself as a blockchain hub for the global finance industry, we are seeing a boom in demand for highly-skilled professionals operating in the sector.


There are now more than 500 FinTech companies in Hong Kong. With this number set to grow, the subsequent rise of blockchain and virtual baking institutions will result in huge opportunities for the Hong Kong job market. Plus, thanks to the HK government’s recently launched HK$5 million investment fund to help develop the FinTech industry, the demand for emerging talent is set to continue.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

And of course, no technological report in 2019 would be complete without the mention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As algorithms, chatbots and virtual assistants continue to infiltrate every aspect of our daily lives, the need for data scientists and AI specialists in Hong Kong will increase tenfold as businesses become more fluid in what they can offer consumers in this time of mass innovation.


So, what does the technology market have in store for you? If you’re a Hong Kong tech professional in search of your next career move – or if you are a client in need of a trusted recruitment solution – our consultants would be happy to help. To find out more, contact Howard Kelly at OJ Hong Kong at or call him directly on +852 3018 0393.

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