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Three Things to Consider When Recruiting a Data Scientist

15 February 2019

by Megan Walsh

So you want to hire a data scientist. But, as you’ll know from our previous post, data science is a new area of recruitment for the insurance industry.

Managing Consultant Jessica Nield is here to help. Through her experience in Life & Investments, GI and Reinsurance in both the UK and the US, she is able to provide you with a few key things to remember when recruiting in this market.

You can contact Jessica directly on or call her on +44 203 861 9254.



To attract the best minds you must learn how to tailor your screening process. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Remember, what works for one candidate will not work for another.

In other hires, a candidate’s motivation often lies in career progression, salary and promotional pathways. But in the case of the data scientist, their main motivation can often be focussed around the innovation of the client and the promise of exciting projects.



Data scientists are at the forefront of innovation. Their skillset is the most precious thing to them, so to keep your retention rates high you must compete with other industries and continue to invest in the latest technology and software.

This will allow your employee to develop their own skills and not fear being left behind in their fast-moving industry. Your data scientist will often be approached by other companies, so providing them with regular pay reviews and appraisals will go a long way.


Why insurance?

Data science is a candidate-driven market. The demand for talent is high, with companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter regularly recruiting in this market. Therefore it’s important to understand what makes your business attractive before going to the candidate market. When candidates are presented with a clear vision of how their skills will be applied to the insurance industry, they will see the potential for a prosperous career in this exciting, risk-focussed market.


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