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Is Your Business Protected Against Cybercrime?

01 May 2019

by Megan Walsh

Cybercrime is nothing new; it's been plaguing our networks for years. But did you know that more than 25% of all malware attacks are targeted at banks and other financial services organisations? That’s more than any other industry according to a recent report by intelligence company Intsights.

Published on Monday, the report claims that there has been a huge increase on the number of compromised credit cards, malicious apps and data leaks across organisations all over Europe.

In Germany alone, Europe’s largest economy, 2018 saw over 43 billion euros lost to malicious cybercrimes, as reported by the German IT association BitKom.

This comes as no surprise. In today’s world, the most important aspects of our everyday lives can be found on one tiny device. We use our smartphones to store our data, our credit card details and all sorts of information that could be useful to hackers who sell stolen data on the black market.

In its study, BitKom also found that over one quarter of German firms have had company smartphones and sensitive data stolen, while 11% of organisations claim their communications systems have been tapped. And with the rise in cloud storage, artificial intelligence and virtual banking creating yet more risk for organisations, the need for proper cyber security is more important than ever before – especially for small to medium-sized businesses.

Have you performed an audit on your current security system? If you haven’t then there is no time to lose. Hackers aren’t going away. If your business isn’t properly prepared to deal with malicious attacks, then you run the risk of losing thousands in revenue for your company.

Recognising the need for skilled candidates in the cyber security market, we have extended our services to the German technology market to meet a growing demand from clients wanting to invest in proper cyber security. Our expert team of technology consultants can provide market intelligence and insight and are here to guide and assist you on your specific cyber security needs.

The time for cyber security is now. To find out more, contact Ina Deinat at

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