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5 Ways a Temping Agency Can Accelerate Your Career

25 November 2019

by Megan Walsh

Just graduated and wondering how to hit the ground running with your new qualification? We’ve got a webinar for that. Join us on Wednesday, 27th November, 11am (GMT), to find out how you can get ahead in your new career. We’ll discuss everything, from setting goals and planning ahead to finding solutions through a temping recruitment agency. Sign up to the webinar here – but for now, here are five reasons why you should consider working with a temp agency:


1. It’s great for your CV

As a graduate, your experience will be limited. Temporary work can change that. Working with an agency, you’ll be guaranteed experience at large corporations, which could be difficult to obtain on your own. This means you’ll able to build a solid CV and steer your career in the direction you want to go quicker than you might on a traditional graduate scheme.


2. You’ll be able to explore more opportunities

Working with an agency, you can afford to take risks without having to worry about job security. This presents a great opportunity to explore different roles within your market and figure out which areas of your degree you’d like to explore further: something that isn’t always possible in permanent employment.


3. You’ll receive continued support

When you engage with a temping agency, you’ll get the same benefits as you would in a permanent role. For example, at Oliver James Professionals, each candidate acts as an employee of the company, who is then seconded to external clients. This means you still receive support and guidance from the HR and performance managers at OJP, as well as opportunities for learning and development.


4. You’ll develop your skills at a faster rate

Temporary work is the best way to acquire skills and develop your knowledge. Different companies use different systems, so you’ll be learning on the job all the time. You’ll also be expected to perform different tasks in each role, so you’ll broaden your knowledge much faster than you would in a permanent position.


5. Market exposure

The job market is competitive, especially in the corporate world. But working with a recruitment agency is a guaranteed foot in the door, especially if you’re placed in a temp-to-perm position.

And not only that, you’ll be doing a lot of networking as you get to know the people in each of your assignments – so you’ll be gaining a lot of market exposure without even realising.


Want to find out more about how Oliver James Professionals can help you? Then tune into our upcoming webinar. This Wednesday, on 27th November at 11am (GMT), we’ll be discussing everything you need to know in order to hit the ground running with your new qualification. Sign up here.


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