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How international relocations are still moving without needing to cross the border

17 April 2020

by Stephanie Teece

As the world experiences tighter restrictions on borders, visa’s and travel due to the global impact of COVID-19, many companies and individuals are facing unprecedented challenges when arranging and securing international relocations.

Under the current climate, many would think international relocations would have fallen to the wayside and are near impossible, however, surprisingly a wide range of companies are coming up with creative solutions in order to secure the best talent.  

So how is this possible? Join us on the next OJ webinar on Wednesday 29th April, at 1pm, where we will be discussing how companies are adapting to current travel restrictions, what’s still possible for international relocations and how to ensure you put yourself in the best position for when restrictions are lifted.

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If you would like us to cover anything in particular, or have any questions on international relocations, email and we can provide the answer in the webinar.

The world of contracting: Where stability meets flexibility | Wednesday 20 Oct | 1pm

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