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Could motivation be holding you back on your job search?

Could motivation be holding you back on your job search?

23 June 2020

by Stephanie Teece

Are you looking for a new job but struggling to find the motivation? - You won’t be alone. Ask anyone looking for a job, and you’ll find one of their biggest stumbling blocks is staying motivated.

Job searching is tough. You are often competing against hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicants, many of whom have the same qualifications and experience as you. On average, over 250 candidates apply for every corporate job, of which only six will be shortlisted.

It can often feel like you’ve exhausted every avenue and are sending your CV into the unknown with little and sometimes no response. Add in the global impact of a pandemic and there is no wonder you are beginning to feel unmotivated. So, how can we turn things around? Here are a few simple steps you can take, which will have a direct impact upon your motivation.  

Make time for your job search

Success in general requires an end goal and a solid plan to get there. But there’s also the question of dedication. Rather than a vague, figurative aim, put a process in place that aligns objective with routine. Allocate time for your job search in your routine.

It could be as simple as setting-up an email alert from your preferred job board or allocating the hour before work for job hunting or adapting your CV. These are some easy and effective steps you can take to ensure your job search becomes part of your day-to-day, rather than a laborious task.

Learn and reflect – and not just on the bad points

Rejection is hard and it plays a key part in demotivation. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you experience this. Take the feedback on board – it’s an opportunity to learn, grown and adapt, and will in turn lead you to become a better candidate.

It’s also important to celebrate those small wins. If you got some good feedback, celebrate it and use it to your advantage in your future interviews. Remaining positive throughout your job search is essential; at the end of the day positivity breeds positivity.

Tackle procrastination head on

While it’s natural to experience peaks and troughs in your search, a long lull can be detrimental to progress. Focus on bringing new ideas to your job search and set yourself short term and long-term goals. These will freshen up your perspective and renew your focus, which in turn will ensure greater long-term engagement.

Now more than ever, a change of scenery will also make the world of difference. Feel free to try out new office spaces within your home or freshen up your current space. Regular breaks are also a must.

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