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How to make yourself indispensably employable during a pandemic

19 June 2020

by Stephanie Teece

Job hunting is tough, even without the impact of a global pandemic. You are competing against hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicants which means unfortunately the final decision can come down to even the smallest of details.

So, how can you stand out from your competition?

The key is to become indispensably employable. Here are five simple ways you can do this:

Research, Research, Research!

Know the company and your interviewer inside out. It is always good to know how a company operates today, but what about their plans for the future? – especially important given the current climate.

You want to ensure you know your future employers’ current economic stability, as well as their future growth plans. You can then use this information to consider how your skill set can contribute to their success.

Research is a given but the key to success is to do it better than your competition.

Let your personality come across

People remember people! Depending on the formality of the interview, try and treat it more like a conversation between equals than between boss and candidate.

Use some of your research to mix in non-career-based talk to make the interview more humanized, demonstrate your personality and show you are proactive. It also helps to break the ice. The power of phatic speech is something which is often underestimated in an interview and is usually the difference between being remembered or not.  

Ensure you're relevant

With any new job, comes new skills and technology. Make sure you have a solid grounding in the skill or technology relevant to your discipline. From CRM databases to prospecting tools, to creative suites and design packages, staying up to date with the most appropriate skills and technology means there is less time required for training – an attractive asset for any hiring manager. It also demonstrates you are at the forefront of your market.

Make time to upskill

Career development is a huge part of work. Now more than ever employers will be looking for people that can adapt, evolve and learn during extraordinary and unprecedented changes.  Your commitment to self-development will demonstrate that you’re a well-rounded person with integrity, have the ability to adapt to changing demands and times, and have professional nous.

Get your name known

There is no doubt you will be competing against other, just as equally qualified candidates for the same roles, so you need to ensure you stand out and are remembered.

Connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn, send them a message to let them know you are looking forward to meeting with them. Don’t forget to also thank them for their time afterwards.

This will enhance your memorability and will also ensure you are seen as proactive and positive – both especially useful if you are interviewing for a client-facing role.

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