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Why Oliver James should be your go-to recruiter in the Netherlands

Inside OJ Amsterdam | Why Oliver James should be your go-to recruiter in the Netherlands

15 October 2021

by Steph Teece

OJ have been operating in the Netherlands for almost a decade, and as we continue to experience rapid growth and expand into new markets, the service we offer and the relationships we develop will always be at the centre of everything we do.

In today’s ‘Inside OJ’ blog, we hear from Lisanne van Ameijden (Associate Director), Reinier Hovius (Associate Director), Bart de Bruijn (Associate Director), and Floris Croese (Senior Business Development Manager) to find out more about how OJ Amsterdam supports the Compliance, Change and Technology, Risk, Finance, Actuarial, and Commercial Banking and Insurance markets in the Netherlands.

How does OJ support businesses with their recruitment needs in the Netherlands?

OJ operates as a true business partner, providing a full end-to-end recruitment service, offering clients multiple solutions across temporary, contract, and permanent recruitment in the Compliance, Change and Technology, Risk, Finance, Actuarial, and Commercial Banking and Insurance markets, up to C-suite level.

We partner with Financial Services, Insurance and Commercial businesses, particularly large international corporations, expanding our services with the aim of providing genuine solutions and not just quick hires, enabling businesses to meet their goals and future growth plans.

When you work with OJ, you can expect market experts and customised advice as every consultant focuses on a particular niche and segment – if a consultant works in the contract Compliance market, they will only focus on this market, ensuring they are embedded and become market experts.

Consultants also utilise the extensive reach of the OJ group, ensuring businesses have access to the best talent across the globe, not just the best talent available at that time.

How does OJ support job seekers in the Netherlands?

Every OJ consultant is fully embedded in their market and has an in-depth knowledge and well-developed network, meaning job seekers have access to the best permanent, contract, and temporary opportunities across the Netherlands, and the rest of the world.

We take the time to fully understand a person’s needs and ambitions, ensuring we provide genuine support and guidance so anyone can achieve their personal and professional goals, no matter their level or experience.

What makes OJ different?

Our approach is very consultative. We focus on providing needs-based solutions rather than operating a ‘one size fits all’ approach. This means we can provide genuine business and tailor-made solutions that will allow businesses to achieve their goals.

Ultimately, we are not here for the quick win and are extremely passionate about developing long-standing relationships, supporting people throughout every stage of their career.

Additionally, within our temp focus, we have a dedicated Performance Management team who provide guidance and support to OJ Professionals, offering a variety of internal and external courses and education. Eelco Klene (Performance Manager) provides insight into how OJ’s Performance Management team supports professionals throughout their career:

“We offer more than just a job to OJ Professionals. Together, with OJ Performance Management, professionals can build and develop their career and skills. Our tailormade approach and newly designed HR journey brings the choice to them and we provide them with the advice and support they need throughout their chosen career direction”.

An overview of the markets we operate in from our experts:


“Compliance professionals are in high demand. There is a huge knowledge gap in the market and many businesses are looking for senior candidates within this space. OJ’s Performance Management team provide tailor made education to professionals, enabling our teams to service clients from junior to senior level hires within the 1st and 2nd line of Compliance”.

For more information, contact Lisanne van Ameijden | | +31 20 808 6210

Change and Technology

“Clients are becoming more open to international talent due to talent scarcity in the market. Additionally, due to the DBA legislation, many businesses are asking for more permanent or temporary candidates, with many increasing the length of their current contractors.

Information Security is getting more and more important due to an increase in Ransomware and hacks within SME’s. There are also many Cloud Migration projects happening across the market, resulting in broad opportunities in IT Infrastructure. These projects, amongst others, result in a huge uptake in opportunities for PMO’s and Scrum Masters”.

For more information, contact Bart de Bruijn | | +31 20 808 1364

Commercial Banking and Insurance

“At this moment, the market for Financial Advisors and Mortgage Advisors is booming due to the increasing housing market and the fact that some of the biggest banks are recognising the need (and are willing) to invest in talent for the long-term.

In the last couple of months, the team has placed 12 people in the role of either Financial Advisor or Mortgage Advisor. People with the right qualifications are very likely to get invited for an interview, however, if you don’t have experience, banks are providing training on the job”.

For more information, contact Floris Croese | | +31 20 808 8611

Finance, Actuarial and Risk

“Moving towards the start of Q4, the market is trending rapidly upwards within all service lines (permanent, contracting and consulting solutions). As a result, we are seeing a great increase in activity in both the financial and commercial markets. Despite the obvious changes, such as candidate short markets and the post-Covid economic conditions, we also see a significant increase in the regulatory reporting positions due to continuous enhancement of DNB/ECB regulations in the financial sector. In the commercial sector, we see that the Financial Control vacancies are showing a particular increase due to end of year reporting obligations.

Our team of 25 Finance and Risk specialists are helping and advising many large MNE’s to secure the right talent”.

For more information, contact Reinier Hovius || +31 20 808 1430

What can the Netherlands markets expect from OJ in the future?

As OJ continues to expand into new markets, our approach will remain the same – putting people at the forefront of everything we do, delivering a high level of service, and providing people with access to the best talent and opportunities across the globe.

For more information on how the team in Amsterdam can support you in your job search or with your recruitment needs, contact or +31-20-808-2814

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