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5 Tips for perfecting your Resume- Agile Addition

Mary David Miller

22 August 2022

by Mary David Miller

5 Tips for perfecting your Resume- AGILE Addition

75% of companies use Agile approaches, Agile adoption statistics reveal. To put it into perspective, it means more than seven companies in ten have implemented Agile approaches one way or the other. With more companies moving to Agile, more and more new job opportunities arise. A well-crafted resume is key to landing any job, particularly in the world of Agile.

Here’s 5 tips to improve your showcasing of agile experience:

  1. Use supportive language: A waterfall environment is set up to have Project Managers, BA’s, and Developers. As a project manager, you are, as the name would suggest- managing projects. Project managers are responsible for keeping everyone on track and managing the process. While the Agile world, the team is made up of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, and sometimes include Release Train Managers. Scrum Masters are serving the team as a support system where they act as “servant leaders” rather than managing. The language in your resume needs to underline that you’ve been supporting team(s) and you can do this by using language such as “enable” or “guide”. As a Scrum Master, you should also list how many teams you’ve supported as they can support multiple and it will showcase your level of experience.

  2. Certifications carry weight: Any role within Agile usually requires certifications in order to land a job. I’ve had clients dismiss Agile Coaches or Scrum Master with no ICP or CSM certification. The top of the first page of your resume is prime real estate to list all of your certifications and technical skills.

  3. Titles need to be clear & unambiguous– I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes and I’ve come across a theme within the technology industry of people using slash lines to entail the different responsibilities they’ve held in one role. I always advise people to stay away from this especially if they’re working in an Agile environment. It can add confusion on what you were actually doing. In a "true" agile environment, a Scrum Master wouldn't be doing Project Management work, as ideally it would be moved to a product focused environment. Having a Scrum Master / Project Manager title, brings in a lot of questions surrounding what your environment looks like and if you’re truly working in an Agile environment. Make sure you are conveying your skillset and job duties as accurately as possible.

  4. Framework Detail is a must!: Agile is a methodology with many frameworks that sit beneath it such as Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming so you can’t assume the hiring manager will know which one you’ve used. Be sure to note all of the frameworks you have experience working with. Make sure your resume reflects the type of transformation as well. An example would be mentioning that you helped transform the organization from Scrum to Safe. If you’re an Agile Coach, you should also include which framework used and/or level you coached at- Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, or Team level. Highlighting the framework used will land you the dream job!

  5. Be specific about the Product you were supporting: On your resume, you should include the type of Product you and your team upported. For example it could look like this:

    • Company name:– 2018-2022

      • Scrum Master

      • A complete redesign of [Company Name] website

As the market and company’s needs are always evolving, you should also always be updating and working on your resume. Continue to add new skills or certifications as you complete them.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like for me to review your resume - reach out to me directly at

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